Astronomical clock Prague CZE

Astronomical clock Prague CZE

Astronomical clock Prague CZE

Astronomical clock in Prague is working again. After a reconstruction you can see again the famous Astronomical clock in Prague.

History of the clock

After a legend the clock machine at Prague City Hall is a work of Master Hanuš. His eyes should have been picked when the council men did not want to make him such a beautiful clock anywhere else.
The clock was mentioned for the first time in 1410. It is not sure who exactly created the astronomical clock in Prague Old Town. It was probably Mikuláš of Kadaň or a master of Prague university. The stone decoration is a work of Parler’s family, which built St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

In the end of the 15th century was laid a reconstruction of the town hall and the clock, which was made by Master Hanuš z Růže.
In 17th century were added moving wooden allegorical statues and about a century later also the statues of 12 Apostles. In the 19th century Josef Mánes painted the circular calendar.

The astronomical clock Prague was badly damaged during the fights of Prague uprising in the end of WWII. After the war it was renovated together with a part of the town hall. The burned statues were replaced by copies made by sculptor Vojtěch Sucharda.

The last (and a bit controversial) reconstruction of the tower and the astronomical clock was made in 2018. The clock was not just renovated but also newly painted. The new appearance should more correspond with the original appearance of the astronomical clock in 18th century and in the earlier centuries.

There were changed not just the colors of the clock but also the astrolabe itself.
This year was changed also the copy of Manes Calendar – different colours. Glass windows covering the apostles are shining by new bright colors.

What shows the astronomical clock in Prague:
Astrolabe: Time of Middle Europe (just winter time), Sidereal time, Old Czech time.
Calendar: Coat of arms of Old Town of Prague, signs of the zodiac, months, dates, days and names.

Statues at the astronomical clock: 

Figures of the Twelve Apostles (there is missing Judas – in spite of him there is a statue of Saint Matthias): Left side: St. James, St. Andrew, St. Jude Thaddeus, St. Tomas, St. John, St. Barnaby.
Right side: St. Peter, St. Matthias, St. Philip, St. Paul, St. Simon, St. Bartholomew.

Alegorical statues: Figures next to the clock: Vanity, Avarice, Death, Lust.
Figures next to the calendar: philosopher, Archangel Michael, astronomer, historian.

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Astronomical clock Prague 2018
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